Out of Africa

A couple of months ago I attended a lecture moderated by my former boss, the brilliant Michael Wollaeger. In conjunction with the Decoration and Design Building, Michael had invited a couple of designers published in his magazine, Interiors, to discuss their featured projects. I learned a lot that day; it’s fascinating to listen to incredibly talented people discuss their methods and thought processes. One of the most captivating aspects was Vincente Wolf’s thoughts affordable art. A mega-collector, Wolf spoke of the beauty in children’s drawings and in converting unusual objects into sculpture.

The above shows the foyer he designed. Pictured at right stand two Dogon ladders. An ethnic subgroup that reside in central Mali, the Dogon are known for many things, including stunning cliff-side architecture and wood carvings. When mounted, the everyday ladders they use to access their homes become beautiful, simple works of art. I’ve currently been working with a socially responsible gallery in Boston, the Hamill Gallery, to acquire two for a Westchester project. I truly can’t wait to see how they transform the space.


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