Once More – New Project Images

My first model apartment, the project pictured above, is located downtown in the Greenwich Club at 88 Greenwich. See below for a bit of background, or if you’re dying to check out more shots please visit the Portfolio Page.

Back in September when the lovely Melissa Van Damm of Town Real Estate hired me, I was incredibly pumped (she gave me complete creative control!) though I have to admit I struggled a bit at first without the familiar ying and yang of working with an emotionally invested client. Thankfully I soon found my groove and at the end of the day am quite happy with how it turned out. Even better, the project goals were all met: 6 week concept to installation deadline (let me say that again, SIX weeks); masculine aesthetic (though the bedroom became a bit of a feminine indulgence as did the wall of vintage surfing photography); affordable and unique furnishings (thank you Golden Calf in Williamsburg); multi-dimensional use of space (note the work/dining/lounging areas carved into the living room).

I hope you like the design too. In fact, I hope you like it so much you buy it! There are still a few units left, including the model. Check with Town for more info and for listings in other buildings as well.


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