An Art Filled Bachelor Pad – Redo!

Here’s my happy client David after I helped him spruce up his already pretty incredible apartment just north of Union Square. While David had a lot of furnishings in the living room and his bedroom, he needed help pulling everything together and bringing a bit more style into the space. His guest bedroom, as you’ll see below, was in need of major assistance. For a complete set of shots by the very talented photographer Konstantin Vasyakin, go to my Portfolio page. For fun before and after images, just scroll below.
David’s Guest Bedroom Before:

David’s Guest Bedroom After:

As you can see the combination of paint and textured grasscloth makes a big statement. I love the soothing green with the natural elements of the rug and the blonde wood. David’s print established the color scheme, which is picked up in oversized accessories on the bedside tables. A pendant overhead adds a warm glow to the entire space. David’s guests have been quite pleased…and I think he is as well…!
David’s Master Bedroom Before:

David’s Master Bedroom After:

Here I added fresh paint, a new rug, a leather chair and ottoman, sharp/masculine bedding, a hanging pendant with an edison bulb….just small changes and styling, but what a difference!

Also, the ceiling and recessed lighting throughout is by Urban Steel Design. David really gets the credit for this vision; he really believed in the massive undertaking and it truly paid off. The ambiance in his apartment at night is incredible .



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2 responses to “An Art Filled Bachelor Pad – Redo!

  1. Jami, I love the “Before” and “After” photos. Just goes to show why we all need a pro like you! Happy holidays – I am prioritizing lunch with you in the new year! xoxo

  2. Harriet Norris

    The apartment looks wonderful. I knew it would become a wonderful home when David first decided to purchase this apartment. New construction always looks a bit raw, and imagination is necessary to make the big purchase leap. Jami certainly transformed the space into a beautiful home.
    Well done!
    David’s Real Estate Agent

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