Pretty as a Picture

This weekend I’m finally photographing two projects!! This of course means, that very soon there will actually be additional images on my portfolio page….a Christmas miracle!
(Studio BNA project in Cody, Wyoming)
(Architecture by Chad Oppenheim in Miami)
(New Mexico house by Steven Holl)

In preparation for my Sunday shoot I’ve been browsing the site of some of my favorite photographers and thought I’d share with you the above images from three of the best, Matthew Millman, Roger Davies and Paul Warchol.

When I first started working in magazines, I really didn’t know much about design. Through my peers and the talented writers I worked with every day, I learned tons of information in a very quick time. Through the talented photographers I worked with (including all three of these men) I learned how to really look at design, how to take it in and appreciate it. I truly think some of the credit for my passion for design belongs to them. It’s an amazing thing to be in a space and to see it in one way and then to later look at photographs of the space and see it in new and even more impressive ways, to see the things the captured that you missed. Architects and interior designers create art, but it’s the photographers, through their art, who capture it forever in the best possible way.


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