Dream a Little Dream

Part of being a New Yorker is dreaming about not being a New Yorker, as in: “If I lived in Boston I could afford a TWO bedroom apartment instead of this shoebox of a studio.” Or “I’m going to move to an island where the sun is plentiful and the pina coladas flow like water instead of toiling every day in the shadow of a building while sipping a $4 iced coffee,” but alas I digress. Yesterday, I was having a very heart wrenching “If only I lived in Philly moment,” when I saw this renovated Fire House (above) listed in the New York Times Real Estate section. Basically, it’s my urban dream home. Roof deck with garden – check. Stained glass bathroom windows – check. Work space for Jami Supsic Designs; a tastefully renovated kitchen; super high ceilings – check, check, check. Sadly, since I don’t live in Philly and since I can’t exactly afford the price tag, I’m going to turn to it for inspiration. For more images of the stunner click here or go to my Inspired Ideas page.


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  1. oh man, pretty much the best home i’ve ever laid my eyes on.

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