What Happened to September?

Oops! I’ve been a bit remiss in blogging lately as I became distracted with travel. Thankfully I’m now back in New York and would love to share two of my favorite finds from an LA stopover.

Cisco Brothers
Made in California, the furniture from Cisco is large in scale, comfortable and always stylish. Their green designs are incredible, like the Rowan Bed, which is entirely sustainable and toxin free from its biodegradable cushions to its natural organic cotton.

I want everything in this store, from their vintage finds to their modern reproductions. They’re one of the best sources in LA and have been since long before I was an editor covering their products. At the moment I’m really into these Spun tables, which are available in solid brass or copper and powder coated steel.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of browsing Los Angeles with decorating in mind, let me tell you…the city beats New York. Perhaps its because of increased demand from all of the set design? Or maybe it’s the demand for more goods do to the much, much larger houses? It could also be because commercial rent is cheaper there….who knows. The bottom line is there are more affordable, unique finds in LA and I really hope I’ll be able to go out there more often. And I mean….you can’t beat the beach and the mountains. You should go to:)


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One response to “What Happened to September?

  1. Andrea Kent

    better yet, you should just move to LA and we could shop together 🙂

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