Creepy or Cool?

I think they’re very cool, incredible actually. Completely different in many ways (accessibility, composition, several other obvious points), Tsunami Glassworks‘ Ventricle vase and Claude Lalanne’s Bronze Crocodile chair share one common denominator – they push the design envelope in ways that could be seen as uncomfortable. Sticking stems into an object that resembles a heart and resting your back against something that resembles a crocodile, may challenge a person’s natural instincts – and I love that, particularly because taken on their own as art they’re quite beautiful, but when function comes into play something else (a slight squeamishness?) develops. What do you think?

Kudos to Reed and Delphine Krakoff who seamlessly incorporate the chair into their Upper East Side Brownstone. For more images of their vibrant home (shot by Sheila Metzner) check out September’s Vogue.



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2 responses to “Creepy or Cool?

  1. The croc chair sort of reminds me of the weirdness in something like a Pamela Love cuff, but it works in their space. It would definitely be crazier if it were in a cabin surrounded by deer taxidermy.

  2. the vase is very cool! (not too hot on the croc chair)

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