White Night

These days it seems like every other magazine is focused on color. “Decorate with Color!” “Color’s Back!” “In Living COLOR!” You get the point…….but I’m having a hard time getting the point myself. Apparently it’s common knowledge that incorporating color into design is more challenging than working without, but for me it’s simply the opposite. Creating an interesting composition from a neutral palette, especially whites, is much more challenging because frankly, neutrals often look boring. This bedroom by Ames Ingham (featured in the September issue of Elle Decor) is quite different. I love the balance of whites and ivorys in the bedding, shades and walls, but what I really find clever is the frames above the bed (note a new method affordable art possibilities!). It’s beautiful how the photographs are given a simple white frame and how each showcases vast expanses of a bleached out sky. It’s also interesting to note how close together they hang. All in all, the whole effect of the bedroom isn’t at all boring or safe; it’s complex and simultaneously soothing.
*Photograph by Miguel Flores-Vianna


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One response to “White Night

  1. While I am a lover of color, I really love this design. I love the simplicity.

    Juliette Samuel

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