Affordable Art

Without a doubt, the number one thing most clients seek is assistance in styling empty wall space. No one seems quite how to battle the bleakness of blank surfaces within affordable means and I do have to admit, I too relate to the challenge. In fact, in recent weeks the dilemma has weighed me down a bit as I wrap my Greenwich Street project.

Mary Grace’s apartment is blessed with a unique entry way; it’s rather wide and windy. We addressed the first entry space, the foyer you could call it, with a shelf for mail and keys, hooks for wet clothes, and a mirror for a look before leaving.

In the second area we wanted to provide a seating place for pulling on and off wet and dirty shoes (a necessity with city living). I found a church pew at the Brooklyn Flea for a bargain price of $250, but sadly it didn’t work out. After further brainstorming, I realized three small stools worked much better than one long bench. Then Mary Grace would have extra seating for parties and gatherings. It’s highly unlikely that she was ever going to drag a clunky church pew into the living room; in fact, that might have even been a little creepy.

Fortunately I found these distressed white stools (above) for a bargain price at ANC. I like how they look lined up in a row, but they do feel slightly free floating. To unify the space I’d like to place one dramatic piece of art above them, which brings me back to the problem of blank wall space and affordability. While this 60″x40″ print (above) from Art Addiction isn’t exactly a steal, I do really love it’s ethereal color and scale. It’s romantic and mysterious, plus the hues work with the living and dining areas it leads towards. All together I think the combination would create a gorgeous vignette. What do you think?


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