Quick Fix: Entry Table Solution

One of my clients, Mary Grace, and I had been endlessly searching for a console table for weeks. We always came up with the same problem: cool consoles cost hundreds of dollars and minimal coffee tables cost way more than we thought warranted. As our deadline approached, Mary Grace’s father was coming to town, I started to get more frustrated when miraculously it dawned on me: why buy a simple shelf? This one from CB2 is less than $50 and at 48″ long and about 5″ wide it worked in the space nicely. The lip provides security so keys and mail stay put and there’s even space left over for some decorative candles and a vase. Mary Grace came up with the great idea of hanging hooks underneath to provide a place for wet outdoor garments to dry. Of course I love Anhtropologie’s hardware and any of these would only add to the look. Which would you pick?



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3 responses to “Quick Fix: Entry Table Solution

  1. Great idea. The most creative ideas can be found for very inexpensive. Anthropology does have some great hardware to pick from.

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  3. our coffee tables have a top part that is made of high strength glass, “`:

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