New Project Shots

Over the past few months I’ve been happily working away on a variety of projects throughout the city. Pasted below are a couple shots from one rental apartment I’m close to finishing on the Upper West Side.

My client Melissa is a young, vibrant woman who recently moved from Tribeca for closer proximity to Columbia, where she’s enrolled in business school. Her apartment has many great features: deep grey walls (the color of which she selected herself), an abundance of light, and a HUGE roof deck. My main task: helping her pull together both the outdoor space and the main living area on a budget. Actually this was quite easy as Melissa has an incredible eye and great personal style. I mainly helped edit things she liked into a cohesive pattern while giving suggestions for things she wasn’t sure about. Together I think we formed the perfect interior design team:) Of course the absolute best part of this job was working with art. Melissa opted to invest in photography rather than in furnishings, which is why she chose to work with me in the first place, and after careful research she purchased David Drebin’s Silver Eye from the Hamburg Kennedy Gallery. It’s absolutely amazing in her space. Don’t you agree?

Key features of the design include:
Patio –
Ikea white ceramic planters
A bold Dash and Albert rug
Blue outdoor pillows from Lands End
and you can’t see it here, but fun outdoor bulbs on a strand, very carnival esque
Living room –
A hodge podge of pillows from Ikea and West Elm
An adorable crochet throw Melisssa found on Etsy



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3 responses to “New Project Shots

  1. samantha

    i love these spaces. as a female, i am especially smit with melissa’s new look (any chance she needs a roomie?).

    you must include before pics from now on!

  2. samantha

    opps, scratch that- didn’t realize that was ALL her place. now i really want to move in. that photograph is amazing.

  3. samantha

    opps, scratch that- didn’t realize that was ALL her place. and cvb n that photograph is amazing!

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