Curtain Call

As readers of this blog know (that’s you Sam) I love fabric and because of this love, I’m a firm believer that nothing makes a room like custom drapery.

There are so many incredible fabric patterns available and there are actually some really affordable fabrics and drapery makers out there too. It’s even possible to create custom designs that compare in cost to say….Restoration Hardware.

Of course when I saw Jennette and Patrick’s big beautiful family room windows my first thought was: I can’t wait to dress those bad boys. Months later J&P are ready to get started, but they’re having a tough time deciding between three top fabric contenders.

I have a clear favorite: Duralee’s Rose and Green design at left. You can’t fully see the design but it’s composed of beautiful corals, greens and oranges balanced with beige and white. It’s such a fun pattern for a big bright family room and I love how it gives a ton of room for color interpretation with the throw pillows and other accessories (light, trays, etc). Jennette much prefers Basset’s navy and geometric pattern at right. Her favorite is the light blue Lee Jofa design in the center, though that fabric is by far the most expensive as well.

After much deliberation I’ve decided a great way to solve this problem is through a poll! So tell me what’s your favorite fabric?? And for the record, this blog doesn’t get a ton of commentary traffic so Sam if you could pick Duralee I’d greatly appreciate it;)



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5 responses to “Curtain Call

  1. samantha

    geesh i don’t know j. i have to admit this is a blind test but i think the middle one is my pick. the first one looks cool but a tad busy perhaps? not sure because a) i have no interior design skills and b) hard to tell over the internet. but yeah, i’m going to go with “the middle” fabric…
    what do i win bob? i hope i chose right!

  2. samantha

    also.. i so dig the painter smock pillow. it simply defines cool. stunning find!

  3. I’d take the one at the right side.

  4. Hi, great post! I like reading it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep the great post coming!

  5. Jennifer Ghanem

    So I’m going out of my element here (b/c normally I’d pick geometric pattern on the right) but I need to remember its not MY room, its a family room – so you win! My vote is for the Duralee.

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