Jami Supsic Designs on TMI Weekly!!!

Meghan posted the video of her apartment!! So far the response has been amazing and I’ve been floating all day. Click here to see the video for yourself.



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4 responses to “Jami Supsic Designs on TMI Weekly!!!

  1. WOW! I absolutely love what you did with this place! Amazing. Especially love the wallpaper. (And I’m not a “wallpaper” kind of girl.) Nice work.

  2. samantha

    i still can’t believe how amazing this place looks- scratch that: i Totally can, but i still can’t believe how my jaw drops every time i watch the video. such a clean modern/yet antique-y feel- hard to do both at once. does meghan need a roommate?

  3. George Roman

    I like your style and approach to decorating. I am in desperate need to decorate my one bedroom condo, so that I can actually invite people in. I am embarrassed of the way it looks. Not dirty, just not attractive., boring actually. Do you know of any folks in South Florida who offer the same service that you offer? I would desperately appreciate any referrals…Thank you, God Bless,
    George Roman

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