Manly Man

I’m having a lot of fun with my client Lewis, but I have to admit; it’s been a bit of an adjustment. After working with the glam tastes of girly girl Meghan, I’ve had to switch gears quite a bit to focus on the style preferences of a bachelor……albeit an extremely successful aristit/hippy-at-heart bachelor. Currently we’re tackling the vital task of selecting a sectional for the den along with its accompanying fabrics. So far, I’m pretty smitten over these picks.
I love Maharam’s solid blue cotton velvet at right. This would make an excellent upholstery for the sofa as it uber soft and the blue’s rich color mimics the landscape beyond Lewis’ floor to ceiling windows, think blue river, blue bridge, blue skies. Muriel Brandolini’s more tribal printed selections are masculine but add an elaborate pattern to suits Lewis’ eclectic preferences. As throw pillows they’d break up the solid expanse of blue quite nicely. At the far right (and it’s hard to see with the wood background), we’ve found a cashmere fabric from Maharam that would make a super cozy throw – the perfect finishing touch.


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