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A few weeks ago my new client introduced me to a store in the city that I didn’t previously know about, Modern Link. We went in to scope out dining room tables but found an unexpected treasure – a set of six Hans Wegner Cowhorn Chairs. I can’t even claim credit for spotting them; it was Lewis who gravitated to them right off the bat.

At first glance you may not realize their inherent beauty, but take it from me, these babies are by far the coolest thing I’ve yet to purchase with a client. Last night I had the pleasure of speaking with William Lee, the owner of Modern Link, and he gave me an incredible lesson in the history of Danish design. So in case you’re as interested as I was here’s a brief synopsis of why these chairs are so special.

– Nearly 60 years old these chairs were hand made by the Danish company Johannes Hansen, a small furniture and cabinetry company dedicated to extreme craftsmanship. Key design features include interlocking planks along the back support, a subtly sloped seat and the “cow horns” which curve up at the tip.

– Despite their age, the teak and wegne chairs have never been restored, a feature that dramatically increases their value.

– Extremely difficult to make there were probably less than 300 ever made; leading Lee to believe there are less than 150 left in the world.

– These are antique quality pieces, meaning they will gain value over the years. Lewis will likely hand these down to his children one day (I wish he would hand them down to his decorator one day) and I love that. It’s so inspiring that he took a risk and splurged on something that he fell in love with, but what I really love is that he made an investment in the art and history of beautiful furniture.



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  1. I had fun reading this article. I need to read more on this topic.. Thank you for sharing this amazing post.. Anyway, I am going to subscribe to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

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