No Place Like Home

When Meghan bought her loft she did a lot of renovation work and made some excellent decisions: dark wood floors, a sleek modern kitchen, inset window seats, crisp white walls. She even got off to a great start with the decor selecting a chic chaise and a beautiful cowhide rug. But with a busy schedule and buzzing social life Meghan soon faced the dilemma of many a New Yorker: she came to a standstill when it came to completing her apartment design. At the end of the day she just didn’t have the time to come up with a creative solution for achieving the aesthetic she craved. Thus she’s spent over a year in a beautiful apartment with tons of potential that just never felt completely like home……See for yourself. Check out the before shots below.
wide angle LRDRwindow shot


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  1. sam

    i don’t know what this place looked like before but the results are incredible! every new pic i see i am completely blown away. so simple yet elegant and each small piece gives it such a dramatic and unique flare. really fantastic.

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