I have a new client (still)!

At the beginning of the summer my former partner and I were excited to take on Meghan Asha as a client. While some things have changed, I’m still working with Meghan on her SoHo loft space and am incredibly happy to be doing so. A mega blogger and host of the online talk show TMI Weekly, Megan’s got a great sense of style, but she hit a creative rut recently when it came to transforming her Manhattan home into a “modern boudoir” (I love that description!).

While Meghan gave us complete creative freedom, at the end of the day interior design really is about a team effort between client and decorator. Throughout this process I’ve greatly enjoyed our collaboration and getting to know Meghan…..and I think you should get to know her too! Check out her blog, meghan.nonsociety.com, and also TMI Weekly, http://www.tmiweekly.com. Become a fan now because in a month or so when the installation is complete, Meghan and her colleagues are going to film an episode on the apartment and Jami Supsic Designs. So exciting!!!


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