Julia and Chad Update!

Julia and Chad finished their living room by mixing and matching from the high and low suggestions and adding twists of their own like the mirror above the fireplace. Check out the shot Julia sent below and see for yourself. I think the room looks great, but what do you think? They completed the look and stayed in budget. Here’s a synopsis:

They LOVED the wine storage cabinet, the drapery and the ottomans from the high list. With regards to lighting, J&C really wanted a blue lamp but still wanted to save money so they were stoked to find one locally for only $60. Now all that’s left is blue accents to go with the lamp, which brings out colors in the art. Instead of purchasing two blue trays, they took the tray from the wine storage cabinet and placed it on top of the ottomans – an excellent economical solution!

But really I’m just so happy that they’re so happy. As Julia said “we were so surprised! there wasn’t one thing among your suggestions that we wouldn’t have picked out ourselves.” And that is exactly I was striving for. I wanted to complete the look as they would have if they had the time and resources to do so themselves.



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